Norm Wakefield's Biography for Homeschool Audiences

Norm Wakefield has spoken at Homeschool Conferences as a keynote and featured speaker since 1992. Having been a pastor for 10 years, he has a shepherd’s heart and a vision to be an instrument in God’s hands to turn the hearts of men to Him and to their wives and children. Norm’s messages build up the body of Christ by giving practical, biblical teaching in how to apply the gospel to the most important relationships and the circumstances of life that all home educators face. You’ll find Norm’s messages to be powerfully life-changing because all are based soundly on the gospel with a reliance on the Holy Spirit to give understanding and application to his listeners, whether men, women, or young people. 
On the personal side, Norm and Alma have been married for 45 years, have four children, and seventeen grandchildren. They have experience with children with special needs as well since their daughter, Amanda, was born with Down Syndrome. 
Norm started the Spirit of Elijah Ministries International in 1997 and is the Executive Director. He has served the homeschooling community faithfully and brings experience, inspiration, spiritual depth, and practical, simple, profound insight into the Scriptures to his audiences. 


Homeschool Workshops

The Transformational Power of Love in Home Education
Anchored in Christ in the Homeschool Storms of Life
Living from an Eternal Perspective
The Most Powerful Words You Can Say
What’s a Mom to Do With Teenage Sons
The Foundational Lesson for Learning: Ears to Hear
God’s Blueprint for the Family
The Spirit of Elijah - The Turning of Father’s Hearts
The Calling Out of Sons
The Power of Humility in Parenting
The Power of Hope in Parenting
Homeschooling by Grace
How to Lead Your Family with Vision
The Purpose of Christian Home Education
How to Create a Gospel Culture
Go With the Flow - How to Apply Jurisdictional Principles in Your Home
It’s a Matter of Identity - Why your children do what they do
Why Home Education? - Should We or Shouldn’t We?


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The Power of Humility in Parenting  

The Transforming Power of God's Love in Homeschooling  

Sample Keynote - Equipped to Love  

Anchored in Christ (All audiences)  

It's a Matter of Identity (All audiences)  

Calling Out of Sons (Parents/Teens)  

Heart Maintenance (Parents/Teens)  

What's a Mom to do With Teenage Sons (Parents/Teens)  

Called to Be One (Marriage)